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Happy Clients

Fearless Financials Wild & Kind

“We really love Gillian, it makes a huge difference having an accountant that really get's what we're doing and has a genuine interest in our work so the fact that she is so approachable is amazing and I trust her fully.”


— Wild & Kind

fearless financials milk cafe

“Professional service with personality. Gillian has endless patience and helps and explains things to me when I don't get it the first 134223 times!”


— Milk Cafe

Fearless Financials Toad's Caravan

“Gillian is really efficient and helped us out when we needed things urgently. Spreading the larger accountancy fees over a longer term is very smart and helps us out a lot!”


— Toad’s Caravan

Fearless Financials Risotto

“We love the Fearless Financials team :) and their enthusiasm and understanding for creative and complicated business structures.”


— Risotto studio