Client FAQs

Welcome to your handy reference page! We’ve answered all the most common questions we get asked so you have quick access to them whenever you need.


Checking Payroll

After we have run your payroll, we ask you to check before we send out the payslips.

  • How to review & confirm the current pay run

    • Log into Xero, click on the ‘Accounting’ tab and select ‘Reports’, the payroll options are at the bottom right hand side of summary tab.

    • Scroll down, select ‘Gross to Net’, select all employees and the relevant month (likely to be ‘This Month’ as the date range). This provides an overview per employee of the gross pay, net pay plus the taxes and pensions. Running this report yourself enables you to see the exact amounts. The report can be starred on the summary tab to enable quick access as a favourite report from the ‘Accounting’ drop down menu for future use.

    • If you want to check individual payslips, this information can be found in the ‘Payroll Activity Details Report’ in the payroll section of the summary page. You can download this for your records if needed.

    • E-mail to let us know if OK or update us with any changes needed.

    • We will then make any adjustments necessary and e-mail out the payslips.

    • Employees can then access payslips via the My Payroll link or the Xero Me app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. If they have any issues, please ask them to email

Paying HMRC

  • You need to pay HMRC the PAYE, National Insurance and any student loan contributions, or other deductions by the 22nd of the following month. (e.g. June pay run, to be paid by 22nd July).

  • To find out how much you need to pay HMRC, use the ‘Gross To Net’ report as per the instructions above.

  • Usually, the sum of the PAYE, EE NIC and student loans totals is what is owed to HMRC. Pensions are paid separately to your pension provider (usually through Direct Debit). There is an annual allowance from HMRC to cover the first £3000, so often to employers NI is required.

  • If there’s anything unusual, including statutory maternity pay, we will discuss this with you separately.

  • To pay HMRC, use the bank account details found here. You will need to use your 13 character Accounts Office Reference Number as your reference. You can find this in Xero within your Payroll settings, by clicking the HMRC tab. Additional numbers need to be added to the reference if you pay before the 6th of the month after the pay run or after the 5th of the second month after the pay run. This is to help HMRC allocate the payment to the correct pay run. See here for further details.

  • It is worth regularly checking your HMRC Government Gateway account, to ensure it is up to date and there is no interest to pay or credits to use up. Please note, HMRC appear to give more information to clients via their Government Gateway accounts than their agents. If you cannot access your Government Gateway account, you may need to register for HMRC online services or speak to their online help desk. See here for further details.


Review and sign off

We will send you a draft VAT report for review and sign off. Things to check :

  • Do the level of sales look correct?

  • Do the level of purchases look correct?

  • Is the VAT inline with your expectations, compared to previous returns?

  • Any items we have specifically flagged.

If you have any questions please contact

Paying HMRC

To pay HMRC use the bank details listed here and use your 9-digit VAT number as the reference. For monthly or quarterly VAT, payment is due when the VAT return is due. This is 1 month and 7 days after the end of the VAT period. (e.g. VAT return and payment is due on 7th August for a VAT period ending 30th June). Alternatively, you can set up a Direct Debit which will be collected a few days after the VAT return is due. To set up a Direct Debit click here.