Fearless Financials

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Meet Gillian Caughey FD

(Financial Demon) of Fearless Financials

‘I get a lot more hugs from clients since I gave up corporate accountancy to start my own accountancy practice. But that’s not the only reason I tend to work with creative businesses, social enterprises and charities.

I’m interested in what my clients do, in how they are helping society. I like working with people who inspire me. It means something to me to work with people who are trying to make profit with a purpose. Many of my clients are contributing towards forging a fairer more progressive society. Scotland’s creative and cultural sector is thriving and I love that I can help my clients to achieve success.

There is the well-known cliché that creatives are not good with numbers and I’ve discovered that many of my clients have much better financial skills than they realise. Sometimes all they need is to have financial rules explained to them in plain English. We help them by seeing what their numbers are saying and asking some simple questions: ‘Where are you now and where do you want to go?’ and ‘How are you going to do it and when?’ That’s usually the start of a transformative journey.’